Save The Date

The Stockholm IP Law Review is pleased to announce its summer seminar on the current topic of: IP Pharma Challenges in 2019 Patent and trademarks – Trends and case law The seminar will take place in the afternoon of June 4, 2019 at Stockholm University and we hope that you would reserve that date to join us in the discussions. […] Read More

Issue #2 2018

In this issue, we are proud to present the works of a talented group of young researchers. Stockholm university master graduates Kate Galilee and Ana Barbu publish articles based on their master theses in copyright law. Galilee analyses the ‘panorama exception’ for uses of public architectural works and Barbu writes about the ‘parody exception’ and its relation to freedom of […] Read More

Parody in European copyright law and the two sides of the coin – Article from #2 2018

ABSTRACT The purpose of this article is to examine the complexity of the concept of parody from dual perspectives, namely as a copyright defence provided by the InfoSoc Directive in Article 5(3)(k) and as a manifestation of the freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the Charter in Article 11. Mainly, the research identifies if there is a justified need […] Read More

The market for patents in Sweden: past and present – Article from #2 2018

ABSTRACT The worldwide revenues from the sale and licensing of patents have soared into the hundreds of billions of dollars in recent years. Consequently, the market for patents has become an important strategic option for firms to stay competitive, both by allowing them to leverage their own intellectual property rights (IPR), but also as a way of accessing important external […] Read More

The Marrakesh treaty and the approach towards social inclusion – Article from #2 2018

ABSTRACT While there have been numerous measures that have been taken by international institutions, led by the UN, to foster equality, one issue that has received little attention till now has been what scholars have described as the book famine. Statistics show that the number of published books available in formats accessible for the print disabled people was less than […] Read More

To what extent should uses of public architectural works be permitted under European copyright law? – Article from #2 2018

ABSTRACT This paper argues that the optional exception to copyright law contained in Article 5(3)(h) of Directive 2001/29/EC should be extended to clearly include commercial uses of copyrighted works, and should be made mandatory across the European Union. Copyright law must be clearly justifiable, requiring a balance between the private interest of right holders and the wider public interest. It […] Read More