The patentability of Dosage Regimes – Article from #1 2019

ABSTRACT Despite the therapeutical benefits of dosage regimes, being granted and securing patent protection for these types of inventions has always been difficult. Historically dosage regimes have generally been excluded from patent law as these were held to either lack industrial application or were caught by the medical methods exclusions arguing that these inventions unjustifiably imited the medical profession’s choice […] Read More

Safeguarding public health – Article from #1 2019

INTRODUCTION In a world with an estimated population of 7.6 billion, 2 billion people lack access to medicines that are imperative to their health and survival. Consequently, 15,000 deaths per day (more than half of the 5.6 million children who died before their fifth birthday in 2016) could have been prevented with the provision of essential health services. In total, […] Read More

In Pursuit of Robinson Crusoe – Article from #1 2019

Naming pharmaceuticals is a topic that has been thoroughly investigated and buzzed around, and where the world’s expertise agrees on at least one thing. With today’s increasingly dense jungle of brands, combined with the famously strict regulations of authorities such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the WHO (World Health Organization), the […] Read More

The CJEU clarifies – Article from #1 2019

INTRODUCTION Where to draw the line between the protection of new innovations within the pharmaceutical area, on the one hand, and the generic companies’ right to enter the market on the other, has been subject to discussion in patent law for a long time. The innovative pharmaceutical companies’ right to exclusively capitalise on their innovative research stands against the generic […] Read More