Issue #1 2020

Editorial While writing these few words and preparing to send the next issue of Stockholm IP Law Review to the print, the world as we know it is not the same. It has been some five months since the first news of the COVID-19 outbreak reached us, and since then the worldwide expansion of the pandemic has gradually but steadily […] Read More

Towards fair pricing in technology trade and licensing – Article from #1 2020

In today’s complex and digital business landscape, innovation is typically not an effort of a lonely genius or an activity confined to a single corporate R&D lab. Instead, the innovation process often involves open innovation, technology trade, and intellectual property (IP) licensing between multiple firms in what is sometimes referred to as an innovation ecosystem. While this interaction is conducive […] Read More

The Direct Liability of Online Intermediaries for IPR Infringements – Article from #1 2020

One of the most interesting and relevant developments in respect of online intermediaries concerns the emerging possibility – especially in the copyright field – to go beyond the traditional approach to their liability based on the safe harbour legislation and, with that, the system of secondary/accessory legislation and root, instead, their liability within a primary/direct liability regime, also in relation […] Read More

Blockchain solutions for the online music industry – Article from #1 2020

New technological developments are changing the legal status of copyright. As blockchain technology seems to be revolutionising modern times, it is difficult to underestimate the hype around this technology. This article introduces various legal aspects of the application of blockchain technology in the copyright sphere, with specific reference to the analysis of the online music industry in its modern status. […] Read More

A note on artificial intelligence and intellectual property in Sweden and the EU – Article From #1 2020

Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is a key driver of the fourth industrial revolution. AI systems and machine learning technologies are already having a significant impact on the development, production and sales of a vast range of economic and cultural goods and services. Inevitably, seeing that AI blurs the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds, AI intersects with the Swedish […] Read More

IP in the Digital Environment Event

The Stockholm Intellectual Property Law Review is inviting you to attend an afternoon of discussion on ‘IP in the Digital Environment’ About this Event The Stockholm Intellectual Property Law Review (SIPLR) is proud and delighted to invite you to attend an afternoon of discussion on the topic of ‘IP in the Digital Environment’ at Stockholm University – Aula Magna. The keynote address, […] Read More