Issue #1 2018

Modern intellectual property law presents an impressive web of interaction with economy, technology, creative arts and business. We live in a constant stream of impressions from all over the world and from a multitude of diferent sources. Still, we tend to move in familiar patterns or circles, regarding the evolving currents from a mind-set of established perspectives. We are very […] Read More

Customizing Fair Use Transplants – Article from #1 2018

ABSTRACT In the past decade, policymakers and commentatorsacross the world have called for the introduction ofcopyright reform based on the fair use model in theUnited States. Thus far, Israel, Liberia, Malaysia, thePhilippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka andTaiwan have adopted the fair use regime or its closevariants. Other jurisdictions such as Australia, HongKong and Ireland have also advanced proposals tofacilitate […] Read More

IP Licence as an Investment – Article from #1 2018

ABSTRACT The relationship between intellectual property (IP) andinvestment is old, but the debates are new. Recent high profile cases in which intellectual property rights (IPRs) are being sought to be protected by means of international investment law and treaties have generated visible debate and discussion. In the light of the recent decision on expedited objections in BridgestoneLicensing v. Republic of […] Read More

Lacking a European Touch – Article from #1 2018

SUMMARY On March 14, 2018, the European General Court in Crocs Inc v. European Union Intellectual Property Office issued a judgment cancelling a European Community design registration for American footwear giants Crocs. This confirmed a decision by the Board of Appeal in June 2016, which had held that Crocs’ signature footwear design was invalidly registered owing to prior publication. Meanwhile, […] Read More

The Business of Intellectual Property – Article from #1 2018

ABSTRACT Today intellectual property (IP) comprises an increasing share of firms’ resources and IP rights (IPRs) are important sources of competitiveness. Consequently, there is an increasing interest in how to properly manage IP. IP lawyers need to better understand business decisions and business managers need to better understand IP law. These needs are addressed by a growing area of research […] Read More

Working Competition and Biotechnology Patent Pools – Article from #1 2018

ABSTRACT Patent pools have always been a subject of heated discussions due to their ambiguous position on the market as they bear both anti-competitive and pro-competitive characteristics. On the one hand, they create a common market for licensors and licensees, guarantee access to the industry standards (if any), as well as induce further innovation. On the other hand, they bear […] Read More