The Stockholm University Intellectual Property Law Review currently accepts submissions of Articles, Book reviews and Case notes.

We ask contributors to adhere to the following guidelines:

The Review asks that all articles be submitted in Times New Roman in font size 12 and with 1.5 spacing. Margins are to be set at 2.5. Footnotes and page numbers are to be in size 10.

We strongly encourage all articles to be under 15,000 words, including footnotes, which equals approximately 32-pages. Submissions exceeding this limit may be asked to be shortened down or fail to qualify for publication.

The Review requests all authors to use footnotes as opposed to endnotes, and preferably in Chicago-Style. For more information on our citation criteria please contact the Review and our administrative editor who may help you further.

Submissions process:
We only welcome electronic submissions. Please submit your contribution through our electronic submissions system, preferably in a Microsoft Word format.

Review process:
The Stockholm University Intellectual Property Law Review carefully considers all manuscripts that it receives. Every submission will be reviewed by at least one content editor and one editor. In some cases several editors might be involved in the review process. Although we will take into consideration requests for expedited review, this does not mean we will omit any stages of the review process.

You may submit texts to the Review throughout the year. We will not reject an article because of lack of space, but we will propose its inclusion to the coming volume. The review process is not as active during end of June and end of August.

We notify authors of our decisions by email. We normally do not inform authors of the status of their manuscripts other than through email. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.

Anonymous review:To facilitate our anonymous review process, please confine your name, affiliation, biographical information and acknowledgements to a separate cover page. Please include the text’s title on the first page.